• As a well-functioning business, it is important for our company to contribute to maintaining the operation of the city, enriching its values ​​and helping those in need.
  • Every year since its establishment, we have been enthusiastic supporters of the Dömötör Award, which recognizes the best of the Szeged National Theater.
  • Every year since the company was founded, it has supported those in need. Most of the foundations we support spent our donations on hospital equipment, but also on caring for disadvantaged sick children. In recent years, we have supported the National Ambulance Service and preterm infants with our donations.
  • In order to deepen the relations between the countries, we employed foreign trainees in the organization of SZTE.
  • We support and encourage the professional training of our colleagues. We financially support the participation in in-service courses and the continuation of university studies.
  • We organize regular exercise opportunities and sports days for our employees and their family members. The Santa Claus ceremony has become a tradition, where we get a little surprise for the children of our employees.
  • We have established close relations with the educational institutions of the city, we participate in dual and cooperative trainings, we accept pupils and students for summer internships.
3i Development and Services Ltd.
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