General Motors

Opel Szentgotthárd (Hungary)

    • 5 vacuum filter systems
    • 4 pressure belt filter systems


Birmingham Hams Hall (UK)

    • 10 vacuum filter systems


Bordeaux (France)

    • 3 vacuum filter systems

Dagenham (UK)

    • 3 vacuum filter systems

Elabuga (Russia)

    • 2 vacuum filter systems

Jaguar-Land Rover

JLR Wolverhampton (UK)

    • 3 vacuum filter systems
    • 1 pressure belt filter

Robert Bosch Automotive Steering Ltd..

Maklár (Hungary)

    • 3 vacuum filter systems
    • 1 pressure belt filter

Daimler- Mercedes-Benz.

Stuttgart-Hedelfingen (Germany)

    • 1 vacuum filter system
    • 2 pumping stations

Mannheim (Germany)

    • 1 vacuum filter system

FAG Hungary Industrial Ltd.

Debrecen (Hungary)

    • 3 pieces of pressure filter systems with 13 pressure belt filters


Yulkok (South Korea)

    • 1 drum filter


Cléon (France)

    • 1 vacuum filter system


Steyr (Austria)

    • 1 vacuum filter system
  • Jaguar-Land Rover 
      • JLR Wolverhampton (UK) 
        • 1 swarf processing conveyor system
      • JLR Halewood (UK) 
          • metal scrap conveyor system – 3 lines (steel, Al500, Al600), 34 conveyor 
        • 6 db moving conveyor, 1 turnable chute
    • JLR Castle Bromwich (UK) 
      • metal scrap conveyor systems
        • 1. system: 3 lines, (steel, Al5000, Al6000), 12 conveyor, 3 moving conveyor, 3 turnable chute
        • 2. system: 1 line, 2 db conveyor, 1 moving conveyor, automatic container selection and filling
  • Stadco – JLR supplier
    • Telford (UK)
      • metal scrap conveyor system – 2 lines, 7 conveyors, chutes
  • Willy Voit GmbH 
    • St. Inberg (Germany) 
      • 14 metal scrap conveyor system
  • Interpipe NTRP
    • Dnipropetrovsk(Ukraine) 
      • 1 vacuum filter with 3 chrushers and conveyor lines, with railway wagon charger
  • EVRAZ Metallurgical Plant (EVRAZ NTMK)
    • Nizhny Tagil (Russia) 
      • 1 vacuum filter with 4 chruskers and conveyor lines with turnable chute

Linamar Ltd. Békéscsaba – servicing machine tools, robots, measuring machines, engravers with workpieces

PlasticArt Ltd. Gellénháza – receiving parts from the vibrating feeder, checking the orientation and then placing them in a pallet with a 6-axis, 2 kg Mitsubishi robot

Flex Sárvár, Sárvár – acceptance of workpieces from injection molding machines, camera quality control, deposit in media (blister) 4-axis, with Mitsubishi SCARA robots, blister movement with “H” portal, blister type control based on barcode ID, pallet dismantling, pallet construction with camera shape recognition

Imerys Ltd. Hódmezővásárhely – moving ceramic cases between machining machines, size control with profile meter and laser distance meter, pallet demolition, pallet construction with 6-axis, 70 kg Fanuc robot.

Guardian Ltd. Orosháza – removing large glass panes from the turnable table and placing them on both sides of the conveyor track with a 6-axis, 800 kg ABB robot

ContiTech Rubber Industrial Ltd. Szeged, control technology of presses: 410, B6, B7, PR5

Contitech Fluid Automotive Hungary Ltd. Makó, Vác

ContiTech Rubber Industrial Ltd. Szeged

CTRI Ltd. Szeged, belt production management system

CTFA Ltd. Makó, CTFA Ltd. Vác

Volánbusz Zrt. Szeged-Békéscsaba-etc., and more than 500 pieces all over the country


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