ContiTech Morocco

Morocco, Jorf Lasfar

Steel cord press belt production line with units operating in synchronism with each other

  • spool station – winding and lowering of 160 steel wire spools with constant tension
  • construction trolley – cold pressing of raw rubber on sections on steel wires while the press on the production line vulcanizes the prepared belt
  • textile raw belt lowering – the combi press is suitable for the production of textile leashes
  • press – general belt manufacturer press
  • repair press – installed on the winding side, self-propelled, electrically heated, hydraulic press, for repairing small belt defects
  • cutter – for sizing the finished steel insert strap
  • winder – for winding the finished strap
Figure 1: Steel wire winding spool stand
Figure 2: Power instrument cabinet
Figure 3: Spool stand motor starts
Figure 4: Control panel
Figure 5: Control panel
Figure 6: System overview screen
Figure 7: Vulcanizing press technology screen