Xellia Ltd.


Belonging to control technology

  • technologies
    • fermentation
    • chromatography
    • RO technology
    • HPLC technology
    • lyophilization
    • management of tank farms
  • supervision of central supply systems
    • development of central acid / alkali supply systems serving technology
    • warehousing and logistics measurement data collection
    • building monitoring: tempering, ventilation, cooling water, wastewater, technology air system monitoring measurement data collection and alarm system management

Implementation steps

  • design, manufacture and construction in Ex and normal environments
  • manufacture of control technology and power distribution cabinets
  • on-site installation – route design (with Roxtec bushing), cabling and cable connection
  • Preparation of documentation
    • FS, SP, IQ, OQ documentations
    • electrical shock protection, Insulation protection and RLC measurement protocol
    • documents required for initial commissioning