In order to continuously raise the standard of services and increase its reliability, 3i Development and Services Ltd. introduced the ISO 9001 quality management system in 1999, which it has been operating ever since. To support environmental awareness, 3i Ltd. has been operating in accordance with ISO 14001-based environmental principles and regulations since 2016.

In addition to operating quality management and environment-focused management systems, the company organizes its operations according to the aspects listed below.

    • The company’s executives are committed to the continuous development and implementation of quality policy and environmental policy.
    • Establishing economical operation and increasing the reliability of our products while reducing the environmental impact.
    • We expect all our employees to have the constant goal of improving their own work, helping the work of others, protecting the environment, and contributing to the achievement of quality and environmental management goals.
    • During the development and production processes, the primary aspect is the achievement of the set quality goals and the application of the life cycle approach, applying the principle of waste minimization.
    • In all cases, we choose suppliers who offer reliable, high-quality raw materials and products that comply with environmental regulations.
    • The systematic and continuous performance of quality improvement and environmental protection activities is a mandatory task for all our employees.
    • Knowledge of management system requirements is a basic requirement for our employees at all levels, which is facilitated by educational programs.
    • Knowing, interpreting and complying with standards, legal and other requirements is of paramount importance in our activities.
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