1991 Year of foundation.
1992 Start of the actual work by starting the IT department. Development of the PICR code reader for Budapesti Vízmű Ltd. – order of 1,000 pieces.
Number of employees 4.
1993 The Pt93 fuel station control terminal has been completed.
1994 On behalf of Sure Torque Inc. (USA), we developed the ST94 cap unscrewing force measuring and recording controller, of which almost 200 pieces were exported to America.
1995 We have developed the BC95 fuel station control system for Tisza Volán Ltd., we equipped the buses with self-developed shortwave RF identifiers. Process control works with the QNX operating system and self-developed SIRIUS “Soft PLC” and display system at Biogal Ltd. and SKW Ltd. – fermentation process control.
Buying own site – Szeged, 67 József A. avenue.
1997 The development of IDAP units has been completed and put into production. The upgraded version is still in production today (2020). Process control of tunnel kilns in Alföld Porcelán Edénygyár Ltd. and Burton Apta Ltd.
1999 The ISO 9001 quality management system is introduced.
Number of employees 12.
2000 Site expansion.
2001 Complete renovation of the site, construction of a new workshop.
The first applications of Cimplicity SCADA at GE Hungary Ltd.
2003 We conclude the most valuable deal with Földgázszállító Ltd.: for the delivery of Modicon Premium PLCs to gas transfer stations and the development of the PLC software. These systems were installed at 48 gas transfer stations.
2004 -2007 Measurement data collection, process control works at Alpharma Ltd. (former SKW Ltd.), Imerys Ltd. and Phoenix Rubber Industrial Ltd.
2008 Complete design, manufacture and installation of the control technology in an explosion hazardous plant at Axellia Ltd. (former Alpharma Ltd.). Technology and user interface software development (HPLC, RO, reactors, chromatographs, etc. Technology), with Modicon Premium PLC and on Cimplicity SCADA platform.
2009 The installation of an experimental plant has been completed at Axellia Ltd.
The company has won several applications this year.
2010 Preparation of experimental fermentation plant process control at Xellia Ltd. (formerly Axellia Ltd.) on Modicon PLC and Cimplicity SCADA platform.
The first significant work in the rubber industry: Preparation of 410 belt vulcanizing press control technology at CTRI Ltd.
2011 Our new business partner is Mayfran Limburg B.V., as a subcontractor we prepared the process control of several emulsion filter systems for the Opel plant in Szentgotthárd in accordance with the special standards of General Motors. The Mayfran (acquisition) – Zolend (mechanical engineering) – 3i (control technology) cooperation begins to develop. Preparation of B6 belt vulcanizing press control technology at CTRI Ltd.
2012 As a subcontractor of Mayfran Limburg B.V., we received the electrical design, software development, manufacturing, on-site installation and commissioning of the BMW Hams Hall and Ford Bordeaux emulsion regeneration systems. We are working abroad for the first time. Preparation of B7 belt vulcanizing press control technology at CTRI Ltd.
2013 As a subcontractor of Mayfran Limburg B.V., we supply emulsion regeneration and conveyor systems to the Jaguar-Land Rover Wolverhampton and Halewood plants.
2014 We are constantly working in the automotive industry both abroad and at home. We receive very good feedbacks for our work. We got to the Ford Elabuga plant in Russia, where we installed emulsion filter systems.
2015 Preparation of PR5 belt vulcanizing press control technology at CTRI Ltd.
2016 We got to new countries, e.g. China, Finland, Bangladesh. We have finished the development, manufacturing and installation of the largest control system of 3i Ltd.: the control technology of the Contitech Morocco (Jorf Lasfard, Marocco) steel-lined belt production line.
2017 Our farthest work so far: INA Irapuato Mexico. The complete control technology of Xellia Ltd.’s new explosion hazardous plant.
2018 We moved to a new site – 12 Kollegiumi street, Szegedwhere suitable conditions could be created for the 8 software engineers, 7 electrical designers, low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies cabinet manufacturers workshop, warehouses and administration. Our goal was to design robot cells, for which the Entra-Sys Ltd. (machine manufacturer) became our new business partner. We are preparing the largest emulsion filter system in Europe at the site of FAG Hungary Ltd., Debrecen.
2019 We successfully handed over 5 robot cells with Entra-Sys. Ltd., where we used Mitsubishi, Fanuc and ABB robots. As a subcontractor of Zolend UK Ltd., we received the development and implementation of the Jaguar test cells fuel service system control technology.
We exceeded the 1 billion HUF net sales threshold.
Number of employees: 43.
2020 We have completed the control technology for the central fuel management system of the engine test cells. The pandemic caused significant losses to the company.