From design to operation

Turnkey, electrical design of power distributors and control systems with instrument cabinets, development of technology and user interface software, manufacture of instrument cabinets, field installation, commissioning, measurement reports and other documentation required for handover

Design of high and low voltage instrument cabinets, pneumatic systems with EPLAN Electric P8, AutoCad Electrical design software

Design of electronic devices, printed circuit boards with PCAD and Altium Designer design software.

Electrical design capacity 8 people.

Development of PLC software with Step7, TIA Portal, Unity, Mitsubishi GX-Works and any software required by the end user.

User interface design with Grawin, Cimplicity SCADA, WinCC and any software required by the end user.

Software development capacity 9 people.

By special standard knowledge we mean the knowledge of the internal standards valid for different customers, which determine the range of components that can be installed, the marking system, etc.

3i Ltd. has the knowledge of the internal standard of BMW, Ford, Daimler, Continental, JLR, Opel, Renault regarding the design and implementation of control technology.

Our company has its own, modernly equipped workshop, where it can carry out the quality production of distribution and instrument cabinets of different sizes, simultaneously, belonging to several systems.

By default, the production of instrument enclosures is completed by completing the “Systems Inspection” protocol and by performing and recording any tests required by the customer.

Chapters in “System Audit”:

  • Visual inspection – e.g. IP protection, boards, labels, etc. checking
  • Mechanical inspection – e.g. checking stress breakdown distances, tightening torques, etc. checking
  • Electrical control – e.g. checking the operation of emergency circuits, setting motor protectors, insulation measurements, I / O tests with own report, etc.
  • Finishing work – e.g. electrical plans checking other documentation, presence of cabinet keys, cleanliness of cabinets, etc. checking
  • Final inspection – the “System inspection” protocol is fully completed
  • Other
    • The protocol prepared in the language prescribed by the customer (Hungarian or English or German) is attached to the documentation of the systems

Our on-site installations are preceded by professional preparation. We prepare implementation schedules, which are negotiated and agreed upon with our partners and customers.

The systems manufactured by us are installed on site, under the control of our own field manager with the necessary language skills, usually by the employees of 3i Kft .: cable traying, cabling, cable connection, labeling.

The installation includes the preparation of insulation test, RLC measurement and electric shock protection measurement protocols.

The installation is completed by performing dry and functional tests, commissioning technology and handing over documentation.

A work is considered completed when the Customer has successfully tested it in accordance with its specifications, the documentation has been handed over and it has been accepted by the Customer.

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