From design to operation

Turnkey, electrical design of power distributors and control systems with instrument cabinets, development of technology and user interface software, manufacture of instrument cabinets, field installation, commissioning, measurement reports and other documentation required for handover

3i Ltd. has been continuously developing, designing and manufacturing controls since 1992. Initially, we used self-developed tools, then we switched to PLC and later SCADA applications. The first PLC software was developed in 1995, while the first SCADA application was developed in 1999. Over the period, we have gained knowledge and skills in the following areas of software development

  • Technology software development
    • Siemens PLC – Step7. TIA Portal
    • Modicon PLC – Unity
    • Mitsubishi PLC – Mitsubishi GX-Works
  • User interface development
    • General Electric – Cimplicity SCADA
    • Daimler – Grawin
    • Siemens – WinCC
  • Other knowledge
    • for safety PLC software, we can use the built-in safety modules to ensure the required level of safety
    • we have expertise in user interfaces in the following areas
      • manage authorization levels
      • technology screens
      • trend screens
      • event log
      • database management

For software development, we usually need the following

  • P&ID diagram
  • parts list (BOM)
  • technology description

The results of the development are also provided in source code if required.

Figure 1: Creating user interface in WinCC development environment
Figure 2: Creating user interface in Cimplcity SCADA development environment
Figure 3: Technology software development in Tia Portal