From design to operation

Turnkey, electrical design of power distributors and control systems with instrument cabinets, development of technology and user interface software, manufacture of instrument cabinets, field installation, commissioning, measurement reports and other documentation required for handover

3i Ltd. has design knowledge and skills in the following areas

  • Preparation of modules for electrical equipment
    • design of switching circuits in PCAD and Altium design software.
    • for designed electrical drawings creating printed circuit boards in PCAD or Altium design software.
    • the result of design
      • electrical drawing
      • pcb plan (2D, 3D)
      • pcb production files (gerber files, NC drill files)
      • parts list
  • Design of power distribution and instrument cabinets
    • for design we use EPLAN and AutoCAD Electrical design software with our own or received databases.
    • the result of design
      • electrical drawing
      • parts list
      • cables list
      • terminal assignment
      • dissipation calculation and instrument cabinet cooling system design
  • Design of pneumatic systems
    • Pneumatic plans are created with EPLAN Fluid design software
Figure 1: Pcb design in Altium Designer
Figure 2: Pcb design in PCAD
Figure 3: Electrical plan in EPLAN
Figure 4: Electrical plan in AutoCAD Electrical