From design to operation

Turnkey, electrical design of power distributors and control systems with instrument cabinets, development of technology and user interface software, manufacture of instrument cabinets, field installation, commissioning, measurement reports and other documentation required for handover

Our on-site installations are preceded by professional preparation. We prepare implementation schedules, which are negotiated and agreed upon with our partners and customers.

Our field mechanics have the following exams:

  • Fire protection examination (for flammable, safe work)
  • Lifting machine operators (for work at height)
  • Explosion-proof equipment operator (work in potentially explosive atmospheres and installation of controls installed there)
  • Electrical shock protection standardization reviewer (inspection and pre-commissioning inspection)
  • IPAF certificate (UK approved platform operator exam)
  • SSSTS certificate (UK approved field supervisor exam)
  • IOSH Working Safely (UK approved occupational safety exam)
  • SSG Entre Basic (Scandinavian occupational safety course)
  • Use of the CE marking
  • Product safety expert exam

If necessary, the field commission is carried out by the employees of 3i Ltd. under the supervision of their own field supervisor with language skills. We have the appropriate professional qualifications and experience required for field commission in the following areas:

  • cable route building
  • cabling
  • connection cables
  • labeling
  • pneumatic assembly

The installation includes the preparation of the following documentation

  • construction declaration
  • measurement protocols (insulation test, RLC and electrical shock protection measurement)

In case of ordering, the installation team can provide support for the commission of the systems.

Figure 1: Cable connecting