• The basic unit can handle one wellhead and one unit of account, which can optionally be extended to handle two wellheads and 100 unit of accounts.
  • Vandal-proof, rainproof metal housing.
  • Outdoor installation – plexiglass-protected display and rainproof keyboard.
  • User interface: 2 * 20 characters, backlit LCD display, 16-key keyboard.
  • It can handle more than 2000 individual users.
  • A PC data management and query program is provided
  • Refueling logging: Refueling data is stored by the terminal. The stored data can also be displayed on the terminal display and / or queried with a computer with time interval filtering. The terminal’s memory can store 18,000 events in its protected memory.
  • The vehicle, the driver is identified by tags with a plastic card or keychain, using RFID technology. It is also possible to use a pin code.
  • To start refueling, it is necessary to enter the data of the journey time, operating hours or mileage.
  • Additional, up to 4 different requestable data that will be stored in the refueling log.
  • The daily amount that can be dispensed can be limited depending on the vehicle or driver.
  • A master card can be set, which when used does not require any other identification for refueling.
  • Refueling display can be disabled. In this case, Star characters appear on the screen during refueling.
  • Minimum inventory management. Below the set minimum set, the terminal does not allow further refueling, thus preventing the system from venting and any contaminants at the bottom of the tank from entering the vehicles.
  • Communication with computer systems. The terminal can be connected to computer systems via Ethernet and, GPRS and WiFi interface.
  • Software that runs on Windows computers can be used to compile and download authorization lists and read refueling records to the terminal.
  • Optionally expandable with a direct printer management interface to print refueling records.
  • Optionally expandable by measuring tank level and fuel temperature.
  • Optionally expandable with GPS positioning.
Figure 1: Fuel serving system
Figure 2: ATT-04 terminal
Figure 3: Portable pump with ATT-04 terminal