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3i Ltd. was founded in 1991 by the current owners, Attila Schreiner and Imre Szilágyi. The company’s profile has been continuously refined over time, while instead of the IT – office technology – industrial electronics fields, it has reached its current state: design, manufacture and installation of industrial control technology systems, robot cells and self-developed devices. Our self-developed ATTxx fuel station control terminal, which we distribute, is a perfect solution for a fuel station without an operator. The IDAP (Intelligent Digital Analog Port) device is BKI20ATEX0022XX certified, which can be used in normal and Explosion Hazardous Areas. The configurable analog and digital inputs and outputs can be reached via Ethernet/Modbus TCP interface. The device can handle from 6 to 16 galvanically isolated channels. 3i Ltd. has the electrical design, software development, manufacturing and installation capacity required to implement complete systems. Thanks to the continuous development of our company, it is already suitable for the complete production of control technology for automotive service systems that require outstanding quality and special standard knowledge. Since 2018 we have extended our knowledge in the areas of control technology of robot cells, which includes the design and software engineering. In 2020 we have finished the biggest central fuel supplier system, which was designed, manufactured and implemented by us. The systems we manufacture have been installed in various parts of the world – from China to Mexico, from Morocco to Finland. The objectives of 3i Ltd.:

  • Reliability, quality, at a fair price – all our products must meet the required reliability and quality requirements, regardless of the price of the product. The basis of our business policy: the best business is the one that brings in more business.
  • Continuous improvement of professional knowledge – institutional education, professional trainings, completion of special courses, acquisition of various licenses.
  • Provision of after-care of the products – 0/24 hour on-call duty, continuous service, occasional and pre-planned maintenance. Provide an extended (eg 3 year) warranty, if required.

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