On the track, the workpiece was moved on pallets. The track had to be served

  • machining machines / robots
  • the engraving machines
  • the measuring machines

At the service points

  • stopwatch had to stop the palette
  • We had to raise the palette
  • the workpiece had to be removed or replaced from the pallet with manipulators. The manipulator control was part of the track controller

The track controller communicated via interfaces

  • with machining machines / robots – two-state signals
  • with measuring machines – two-state signals
  • with engraving – with digital signals + RS232 interface
  • with the central database – IDs and test results are received via an Ethernet interface

Essential components of path control

  • PLC and local display
  • safety system based on safety relay
  • servo drives
  • RFID system to identify pallets

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