In the field of production management, 3i Ltd. Has the most significant reference in the belt plant of ContiTech Rubber Industrial Ltd., Szeged.

The software package takes over the order items from SAP, from which the GYTERV module creates production items with the help of production planners, defining its material and production capacity needs. The PTERV module, already optimized from the production batches, creates operating instructions broken down into machines and shifts, together with the necessary material requirements, which the GYTERM module displays on the terminals installed next to the machines. The GYTERM module is suitable for recording production states, which are evaluated by the GYSTAT statistical module and the results of the evaluation can be displayed on the computers of the plant managers. Its organization is supported by the SZGAZD ​​module, which supports the availability of long-term fabric needed for production by monitoring available stocks and calculating fabric demand for orders.

The most important feature of the HTIR system is that all phases of production can be monitored continuously in real time.

CTRI Ltd. Szeged, belt production management system


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