• electrical design
  • implementation of technology for PLC program development
  • creating an interface in Cimplicity SCADA
  • manufacture of power distribution or instrument cabinets
  • cable track design, cabling, cable connection for on-site installation
  • system commissioning
  • compilation of the documentation required for commissioning

For the process control systems designed, developed, manufactured and implemented by 3i Ltd., we can provide the following documentation upon request

  • Validation documentation
    • HDS (Hardware Desing Specification),
    • SDS (Software Desing Specification),
    • HP (Hardware plan),
    • SP (Software plan),
    • IQP and IQR (Installation Qualification Plan and Installation Qualification Report),
    • OQP and OQR (Operatin Qualification Plan and Operation Qualification Report).
    • Measurement reports
      • Results of FAT tests
      • electric shock protection measurement report
      • insulation test report
      • RLC measurement protocol
      • We prepared the first commissioning report of the ATEX plant and the lightning protection report with subcontractors

3i Ltd. has expertise in control technology serving the technologies below

  • Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products
    • fermentation
    • chromatography
    • RO technology
    • lyophilization
    • tank farm management
    • building supervision
    • central supply systems (central acid / alkali supply, cooling water, sewage, technology air system monitoring, etc.)
  • Silicate industry
    • process control of tunnel kilns
    • process control of chamber furnaces
  • Other areas
    • Process control of conveyor systems

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