We made the control technology of a total of 7 extruder lines at the Makó and Vác sites of Contitech Fluid Hungary Ltd.

  • Several extruder lines form a system whose operation is monitored and controlled by the Master computer.
  • On the “Master” computer screen
    • the production status of the corresponding extruder lines is displayed
    • the operator can select one from the family list and assign it to a specific production line.
  • Industrial line computer (IPC) installed on production lines
    • downloads the data of the families assigned to it by the master pc and stores it locally. In this way, the production line
    • remains operational even in the event of an interruption or maintenance of the network connection
    • on the screen allows the operator to select and download a family to the associated extruder line control PLC
      displays the production status
    • if a barcode scanner is used, it is possible to identify tools and raw materials and compare them with the data obtained in the family
  • The control technology of the row controller covered the following subunits: the soul extruder – cooling tunnel – 1. puller belt – cover extruder – 2. puller belt – cooling drum – labeling machine – cutting machine. The line controller PLC downloads the production parameters to the subunits and ensures the synchronous operation of the subunits with instructions.
Figure 1: Extruder line central control panel