Since 2006, 3i Ltd. has been dealing with the design, software development, production and installation of control technology for textile-inserted belt presses. The control technology of the belt presses covers the following

  • press hydraulic system control – pressure control, speed control or proportional valves
  • belt movement control frequency converter drives, bi-directional, constant tension rewind solution
  • implementation of press technology – pressure, temperature control, recipe management

The control technology was implemented on the Siemens platform. The user interface is made in WinCC Flexible. The system makes the compression data available via an Ethernet network to the SCADA above, where the data, technology diagram and trend diagram are displayed and stored in a central SQL database.

Figure 1: Textile insert belt press
Figure 2: Textile insert belt press control cabinet
Figure 3: Textile insert belt press overview screen
Figure 4: Textile insert belt press temperature overview screen