3i Ltd. has the right knowledge with the control technology for tunnel and chamber furnaces

  • the implemented functions in a tunnel furnace
    • for each burner area temperature and gas-air ratio control
    • chamber pressure regulation
    • cargo register for each car
    • automatic change of the regulation for each burner circuit defined by the different cargo types
    • visualization of each burner area’s regulation
    • query for each cargo heat curve
    • visualization of the furnace heat curve
  • the implemented functions in a chamber furnace
    • continuous or impulse controlled temperature regulation
    • implementing burn-out programs
      • Oxidation and reduction burn-out
      • Heating and cooling sections
    • register of the implemented burn-out programs
    • safety functions within the combustion technology
Figure 1: Tunnel furnace
Figure 2: CTB Chamber furnace
Figure 3: Tunnel furnace technology screen
Figure 4: CTB Chamber furnace technology screen
Figure 5: CTB Chamber furnace program selection