Automatic fuel dispensing systems

3i Ltd. has been installing control terminals for diesel pumps without operator since 1993. Initially, the PT93 type (the last operating terminal was replaced in 2018) and later the terminals ATT-01, ATT-02, ATT-03 and currently ATT-04 will be installed. (Note: for ATT-04 details, see “Our products“)

The terminals can be installed

  • for new pump columns,
  • for existing pump columns,
  • for container fuel pumps,
  • for moving fuel dispensing by tanker

Automatic systems can be used

  • for diesel metering
  • for AdBlue additive metering
  • for antifreeze metering


Some features and services of the systems

  • The vehicle and driver are identified by programmable plastic cards and tags that can be attached to a keychain, which is read using RFID technology. It is also possible to identify with a PIN code. The condition for refueling is that the terminal contains the scanned identification codes.
  • The user may be required to enter journey times, operating hours or odometer data to start refueling.
  • Refueling parameters can be set and refueling records can be read via Ethernet, GPRS (internet) and WiFi interface.
  • The data management and query program is compatible with the Windows operating system. With the help of the management program, the authorization lists can be edited and downloaded to the terminal via computers, and the refueling records can be read out.
  • The base unit can handle one pump head and one group of users, which can optionally be extended to handle two pump heads and 100 groups of users.
  • Up to 4,000 individual users can be managed by the system.
  • Refueling data is stored in the terminal. The stored data can also be displayed on the terminal display and / or queried by computer with the option of filtering by time interval. The terminal’s memory can store 18,000 events in its protected memory.
  • Optionally expandable
    • with a direct printer management interface for printing refueling records
    • by measuring tank level and fuel temperature
    • With GPS positioning
Figure 1: Fuel serving system
Figure 2: ATT-04 terminal
Figure 3: Portable pump with ATT-04 terminal
Figure 4: ATT02 terminal installed at the site of Tiszavolán Ltd.
Figure 5: ATT03 terminal used for antifreeze dispensing
Figure 6: ATT03 terminal used for AdBlue dispensing
Figure 7: ATT03 terminal mounted on the side of the container