Locally installed infocommunication development at 3i Ltd.

  • beneficiary’s name: 3i Development and Services Ltd.
  • project title : Locally installed infocommunication development at 3i Ltd.
  • amount of contracted support: HUF 15,990,400
  • support rate: 40%
  • amount of the granted loan: HUF 19,998,000
  • loan rate: 50%
  • start date of the project: 02.09.2019
  • finish date of the project: 25.02.2021
  • project identification number: GINOP-3.2.2-8-2-4-16-2019-01612

Presentation of the project content:

3i Development and Services Ltd. successfully applied for the call entitled “GINOP-3.2.2-8-2-4-16 – Enterprise Complex Infocommunication and Mobile Developments, Supporting the Distribution of Cloud-Based Online Business Services”. Under the project, the PEAS Corporate Governance System will be procured, which will improve the company’s technological readiness, competitiveness and resource efficiency.

The PEAS integrated corporate governance system is running in the web browser. The modules include all the functions that cost-effectively support a company’s day-to-day operations and strategic decision support.

With the help of the Partner Management module we can register our business partners, we can record any important data of our customers and employees of our company.

The CRM and Sales modules simplify communication with customers and store partner data. They help the entire sales process from recording the request for quotation to invoicing.

In the Campaign Management module, you can record your potential customers, manage customer-specific marketing data, and retrieve customer-centric statistics.

The main task of the Article Management module is to keep track of products and ad hoc and ongoing services. With the PEAS Corporate Governance System, we can manage complete procurement processes, from the appearance of the demand to the receipt of the purchased product.

The Task Manager module provides full task management and supports teamwork. The system allows location-independent access, so even remote employees can be reached quickly and easily. Provides the appropriate resources for workflows, delegates, and completes tasks on time.

With the help of financial and accounting modules, we can make cash flows transparent, we can record the issued and received invoices, we can track settlements and receivables.

The task of the Controlling module is to review the company and to support responsible management decisions. With the help of the Accounting module, accounting tasks can be performed within the system, thus all data remains in the PEAS.

In the HR module, the organizational structure of the company and the data of the employees can be managed. The module supports recruitment processes and the completion of electronic tests, manages employees’ salaries, benefit data and further training, recording of working hours, leave data and needs, thus making payroll accounting more flexible and transparent.

The Document Management module stores all digital files managed by the PEAS Corporate Governance System so that they can be retrieved at any time.

The Production, Warehouse and Asset Management modules are suitable for the management of warehouses and the products and raw materials stored there, for the production of expense and income documents, delivery notes, inventory and tangible assets.

Knowledge Management helps the flow of information within a company to support efficient work.

The PEAS Corporate Governance System follows the recommendations for “green IT”: it supports paperless work, e-invoicing, digital document management and digital data transfer standards, and is also easily accessible on mobile devices. The introduction of the system is provided by IKRON Ltd.