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We implemented our first supervision system in the General Electric factory at Vác, where the main goal was to objectively and accurately measure yield and refuse. Lately, the areas of general supervision systems, production control and vehicle supervision are becoming more and more emphasised in our work.

General supervision

Our general supervision system is more than a measurement data collection system in the sense that besides the displaying and primary evaluation of data, it also allows intervention - for example signal base calibration, starting and stopping technology processes, turning on or shutting off alarms, modifying warning values.

The system can connect to

Our general supervision system can be accessed through the company's intranet, or - if the security policy allows - through the Internet.

Production control

In the field of production control, our most significant reference is the ContiTech Rubber Industrial plant in Szeged. The software system receives the orders from SAP and creates production batches from them. The production batches are then turned into program plans, which are displayed on the terminals next to the machinery. Operators read tasks on the terminal and report back when they are finished. The data from this is included in daily reports and statistics for top-level management. Using this production control system, managers can constantly monitor each phase of the completion of orders. Logistics are also supported by this data.

Also included in the category of production control are our unique task systems such as quality assurance support systems, or inventory manager systems.

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