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One of our most important lines of work in industrial electronics is the collection of measurement data. In industrial data collection, the types of signals within a system can be very different (Pt100, temperature sensor, 0/20mA, 4/20 mA, frequency, etc.), there can be a lot of distance between measurement points, and the system might use several different types of intelligent interfaces. To tackle this problem, we have developed an IDAP unit with software-configurable channel types and an RS485/MODBUS RTU, and Ethernet interface. We have references consisting of no less than 28 IDAP units, and a data bus longer than 2 000 meters in length. We store data in SQL databases and use Cimplicity SCADA-based user interfaces for display.

Basic features of our measurement data collection systems:

A special area of data collection is measurements on the inside of tunnel furnaces - available space is scarce, environment temperatures can go up to 100 degrees Celsius, battery operation is needed and with a 1 minute measurement frequency, the device must have an operating time of 50 hours. For this, we have developed a device called DV97. Data display and evaluation is handled by XferWin.

Occasionally, the placement of measurement devices forbids direct cable connection with the processing computer. For these cases, we have developed our RFIO-4 AIN device, which transfers data through a radio frequency connection to the RFETHC-01 converter, which can be accessed by Ethernet cables.

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