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We have more than 20 years of experience in industrial process control. On our References page we have listed some of our control systems that are still in daily use.

For process control tasks, depending on the area of application, we use Modicon, Siemens or Moeller PLCs. In signal reception, we usually use our in-house developed IDAP modules for their precision and reliability. We develop user interfaces in the Cimplicity SCADA framework.

In our control system projects, we ourselves assemble power supply distribution racks and measurement system racks, lay cables, calibrate measurement cycles, develop technology and user interface software, handle installation, documentation, and -if needed- validation.

We use the following devices in our process control systems:

In our control system projects

A few examples of our user interface software

Rights management

The functions available to each user can be customised.


The technology screen shows measured and calculated values and the state of the intervention agents. The user can start and stop the technology on this screen. The intervention agents can be set to manual mode, and the user can set their values (for example: open up valves). The warning levels can also be configured.

Trend graphs

The trend graphs show the change of measured or calculated values over time. The user can zoom in if needed, or display numeric values using the rulers.

Event log

Event logs can be recorded either automatically or at certain conditions set in the technology. For example, the system can monitor and record users logging in or out, variables passing boundary values and returning, technology startups and shutdowns, et cetera. Users can attach comments to event logs.

Batch logs

Batch logs can be recorded either automatically, or in an event-controlled way. Batch logs monitor values of variables between start and end dates.

Batch trend graphs


A set of variables can be defined in the technology, the values of these can be modified with the appropriate rights.

Method table

The method table is a user-controllable way of defining the technology. It can be edited, archived, uploaded into the PLCs and downloaded from them. It contains a set of pre-defined technology routines, the order of performing these, and the parameters involved.

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